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Those Damn Kids

Those Damn Kids are an alternative band hailing from the beautifully chaotic Pacific Northwest. TDK was founded in Spokane, WA by Mattyy Bridges (Vocals) and Sky Wirth (Guitar). Later joined by EJ Kerr (Bass) and Devin Butler (Drums), Those Damn Kids seek to open the doors of perception by tuning into not only the music but the reflection of self.

With deep inspiration from the heavy riffs of Marilyn Manson and Black Sabbath, in addition to the attitude of Mötley Crüe, Nirvana, and Black Flag, (some days even the sappiness of The Beatles!) they portray an in-your-face, abrasive style with a knack for humor, and sometimes bad puns. TDK’s about challenging the norm and being true to yourself, even if it annoys that elderly house husband who complains about the children on the lawn (again).

Those Damn Kids are more than a band, they’re a collective of punks and hippies, each embracing the diversity of ourselves, carrying on with love and passion. It is not only the musicians that make up the band, it’s the people that truly make it TDK. We are Those Damn Kids!

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